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Experience the Intelligent Cloud based on Open Platforms

OPEN-V's StackMAX brings the cloud to you, under your control, behind your firewall.It is an integrated hardware and software appliance providing distributed compute, storage, and network services in a unified system with a intelligent application market to address the complex and often conflicting needs of an enterprise adopting cloud. This represents the nexus of cloud computing, a perfect solution to the problem of implementing Private or Public clouds within a few mins to hours and not days to months.

For Datacenter Administrators


Turn-key Private Cloud

StackMAX v3 delivers all the software and hardware you need for a private IaaS cloud : operating system, hypervisor, software-defined storage, servers and software-defined-network management. Eliminate the hassle of testing and certification, and focus on your apps.

Manage and Deploy Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

StackMAX is a single pane of glass for all your cloud resources. It lets you access them through a single, unified, user interface. StackMAX facilitates multi-cloud infrastructure with: Support for All Major Public and Private Cloud Platforms.

Operating system-level virtualization

StackMAX is prebuilt with Docker Engine. Docker enables apps to be quickly assembled from components and eliminates the friction between development, QA, and production environments. As a result, IT can ship faster and run the same app, unchanged, on laptops, data center VMs, and any cloud.

The Scale You Need

StackMAX allows you to start with the compute & storage you need today, & scale seamlessly across multiple racks tomorrow. This is achieved through a simple, expandable network architecture that presents itself as a single device on your network.

Powered by OpenNebula

StackMAX make deploying and managing OpenNebula® ridiculously easy, and delivers 100% of the core OpenNebula services and APIs without modification. Just like you, we don’t believe in vendor lock-in. Open-V also supports the Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs, making it easy to deploy and migrate your applications.

Storage Powered by Ceph

StackMAX Storage is powered by Ceph, a massively scalable, open-source, software-defined storage solution developed from the ground-up to provide object, block & file system storage in one self-managing, self-healing platform. Using a high-reliability, non-stop architecture, Ceph is the ideal solution for supporting the legacy needs of the enterprise, while embracing next-generation cloud solutions.

For End Users and Devops


StackMAX Appstore

StackMAX deploy applications in seconds with OPEN-V AppStore. Platform as a Service (PaaS) has long been touted as the most compelling way to speed application delivery within enterprise organizations. Yet for those wanting the power of PaaS in a secure environment, there hasn’t been a good answer, until now. Imagine the power of an application store inside of a cloud appliance, with access to developer tools, infrastructure & communication systems, and applications all on-demand. Thats StackMAX AppStore!


StackMAX put the agility of public clouds behind your firewall with click-to-compute capability that allows users to access the resources they need almost instantly.

Hassle-Free Operations

StackMAX automates the orchestration of the entire private cloud, freeing your software development teams to focus on applications, not infrastructure.

Easy, Complete, Internal Infrastructure as a Service

Some private cloud offerings require massive in-house engineering or consulting efforts; while others leave the feeling that they forced cloud into existing product-lines after the fact, without fully embracing IaaS concepts and benefits. The StackMAX captures the full range of IaaS concepts and functionality in a powerful, simple-to-deploy system.

Consistent performance with powerful Hex Core machines and RAID SSD storage

Demanding apps require consistent, reliable performance. StackMAX's hardware delivers top-of-line performance for I/O & CPU intensive apps with powerful hex core machines with dedicated ECC Ram & RAID SSD storage.

For C-Class Executives


Security and Compliance with Intel® TXT

Many recognize the benefits of agility, efficiency, and scale that IaaS provides, but find that public providers do not fit the bill. Private cloud systems provide the same benefits in provisioning & management, but overcome the hurdles of using public, off-site, shared infrastructure. A private cloud deployed in your data centers provides physical security, regulatory compliance, & direct connections to existing data, users, and resources with all the benefits of public IaaS providers. Trusted compute pools with Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT) support IT compliance by protecting virtualized data centers’ private, public, and hybrid clouds against attacks toward hypervisor & BIOS, firmware, & other pre-launch software components.

Disruptive Economics

By combining open source software, high-performance server hardware & system design based on the OpenCompute design philosophy, Open-V's StackMAX deliver superior price/performance compared to alternative cloud solutions.

Awesome Loyal Support

We treat your business as if it's our own, delivering exceptional service everyday. If you have a quick question or need solution-critical help, an engineer is always available to answer your call. We can help you architect, build, manage, monitor, and maintain your environment.

Enterprise Ready

Capture the innovation of the OpenNebula community without putting your neck on the line. OpenNebula is a secure, tested, supported, and proven technology used at major corporations, governments, and militaries worldwide.

Cost Analytics

This module is designed to provide actionable cost insights & contextual tooling to the main cloud stakeholders in enterprises: devOps, IT, & finance. The dashboard allows you to see how much you are spending on your different public & private clouds. It also brings focus to the top 5 cost centers and projects by total spend, growth & budget consumption.

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