Intelligent WebScale Storage Platform

Filelot Webscale storage Appliance is a unified Software Defined Storage (SDS) platform designed to scale-out & make storage management easy while reducing overall enterprise storage costs. Integrating open-source Ceph software into a storage system delivered with end-to-end maintenance and support from OPEN-V enables IT organizations to fully benefit from open standards without implementation & operational risks.

Powered by CEPH from Red Hat, Filelot Webscale storage Appliance is a massively scalable, open-source, software-defined storage solution developed from the ground-up to provide object, block and file system storage in one self-managing, self-healing, hyperscale platform.

Using a high- reliability, non-stop architecture, Filelot Webscale storage Appliance powered by CEPH is the ideal storage for OpenStack users, service providers for cloud, IT & telecommunication as well as media-broadcasting companies. Financial & public institutions with ever-growing document repositories, large scale business analytics I big data applications as well as organizations with comprehensive multimedia datasets.


Reliability and Availability

  • Dynamic block resizing - Expand or shrink Ceph Block Devices with no or minimal downtime.
  • Striping, erasure coding, or replication across nodes - Enjoy data durability, high availability & high performance.
  • Storage policies - Configure placement to reflect SLAs, performance requirements, and failure domains.
  • Data placement - Use the CRUSH algorithm to allow every client to calculate where data is located without the need for lookup tables and speed performance.
  • Automatic failover- Prevent server or disk failures from impacting data integrity, availability, or performance.

Exabyte Scalability

  • Scale-out architecture - Grow a cluster from one node to thousands.
  • Automatic rebalancing-Leverage a peer-to-peer architecture to add capacity at any time with minimal operational effort. Render forklift upgrades & data migration projects a thing of the past.
  • Hot or phased software upgrades - Upgrade clusters in phases with no or minimal downtime.

Storage-Aware Webscale Applications (Object Only)

  • Development libraries for direct application integration-Allow such advanced functions astriggers, message passing, and in-situ data transformations.
  • High-performance native protocol - Remove the overhead of the RESTful interface for performance-sensitive software that needs low latency and high throughput 1/0.


  • S3 and Swift API support - For object storage.
  • RESTful API - Manage all cluster and object storage functions.


  • Access control Lists - Exert granular control over object storage user & bucket-level permissions.
  • Quotas - Prevent abuse with pool or object user storage limits.

Multi-Data Center Support And Disaster Recovery

  • S3 and Swift API support - For object storage. Zones & region support - Deploy topologies similar to Amazon Web Services S3 and others with a global namespace (object only).
  • Data center synchronization - Back-up full or partial sets of data between regions (object only).
  • Read affinity - Serve local copies of data to local users (object only).
  • Export snapshots to geographically dispersed datacenters - Institute disaster recovery (block only).
  • Export incremental snapshots - Minimize network bandwidth (block only).


  • Copy-on-write cloning - Provision virtual machine (VM) images quickly (block only).
  • In-memory client-side caching - For both kernel and hypervisor (block only).
  • Improved parallelism for data 1/0 - Leverage a "client/cluster" model, not a "client/server" one.
  • Cache tiering - Promote hot data to SSDs with expiration policies.
  • Flash journals - Enhance the write performance of data.
  • Customizable stripe sizes - Allow customers to configure optimal system performance whether storing multigigabyte video files or small pictures.

Web-Based Management

  • Calamari - Get an at-a-glance dashboard for cluster operations with this integrated Ceph management platform for Filelot Webscale storage appliance.
  • Ceph Enterprise Per-disk and per-pool performance statistics - Spot bottlenecks quickly & easily.
  • Diagnostics workbench - Speed up troubleshooting.

Cost- Effectiveness

  • Thin provisioning - Allow for over-provisioning (block only).
  • Commodity hardware - Tailor the price/performance mix to the workload.
  • Heterogeneous hardware - Avoid having to replace older nodes as newer ones are added.

Designed in California and
Handcrafted in Coimbatore.

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