Autonomous Enterprise Cloud Platform

The Next-Generation of Software-Defined Datacenter engineered to deliver “Everything as a Service”, Driven by Deep distributed system expertise and Artificial Intelligence.

Imagine having an AI-driven Hybrid Cloud system which auto deploys and implement solutions for the most pressing paint points related to your Enterprise IT. It's closer than you think. But it requires a new approach to datacenter and cloud. The payoff? Radical improvement in operational efficiency, productivity, reduced operating costs, enabling you to deliver better value faster than ever. OPEN-V's StackMAX - The Autonomous Cloud, combined with our unique A.I approach, are transforming how the world builds and operates cloud.


StackMAX Autonomous cloud in Action

Automate your entire application / solution lifecycle from deployment, scaling to implementation plus more.

Small and Mid Enterprises

StackMAX GP Series - A complete hyperconverged offering that natively integrates server, storage, network, virtualization, containers and pre-built SAAS and PAAS applications.

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Cloud Service Providers

StackMAX CSP Series - Edge data center as a platform service, stitching together a network of fully-managed micro data centers deeply embedded in StackMAX intelligent aggregator.

Q3 of 2018


Enterprises / Governments

StackMAX EX Series - Purpose Built Autonomous Enterprise Cloud solution powered by an decentralized web-scale architecture and Solution management platform.

Q3 of 2018

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